Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crime Prevention Tips from the USC Dept. of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety at USC is a terrific resource for the university's students and staff.  We are thankful that we at Trojan Buildings are on the DPS Patrol Perimeter. 

We have the highest respect for all the officers.  Los Angeles is a big and sometimes dangerous city.  The DPS officers have some very useful crime prevention tips for students.  We have reprinted some of them here for you:  
What is Suspicious?
·   A person going door-to-door
·   Anyone forcibly entering a locked vehicle
·   Anyone being forced into a vehicle
Confronting Danger
·   Trust your instincts
·   Know yourself
·   Show your anger, not your fear
Getting around USC safely / Jogging safety
·   Stay alert to your surroundings
·   Know the locations of the Emergency Phones
·   Try to vary your route
·   Jog with a known companion
·   Jog in a familiar area
·   Do not jog after dark
Auto Crimes
·   Be selective in where you park your car
·   Always lock your car
·   Don't leave valuables visible inside
·   Keep doors locked and windows up
·   Keep your valuables out of view
·   Travel on main road
Bicycle Safety
·   Register your bicycle
·   Working brakes
·   Bike lights for night riding
·   Register your bicycle
·   Lock your bike to a stationary post or rack
·   Thieves look for easy opportunities

ATM Safety / Identity Theft
·   Be alert
·   Do NOT write your code on your ATM card
·   Stand directly in front of the ATM
·   Pay attention to your billing cycles
·   Minimize the identification information
·   Keep personal information in a safe place
Acquaintance Rape / Ruffies and GHB -"Rape Drugs"
·   Listen carefully
·   Be aware
·   Remember that date rape is a crime
·   Don't share drinks
·   Don't leave your drink unattended
·   Call 9-1-1 if someone passes out
Apartment and Residential Security
·   Unpack as soon as possible
·   Always lock your door
·   Recognize strangers
Fire Safety
·   Alert the occupants and evacuate the building
·   Be prepared
·   Beware of False alarms

For the complete list of crime prevention tips, visit:

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